-Alia thought of becoming an actress when she was 5 years.
-She is more close to her mother as compared to her father, Mahesh Bhatt.
-Her mother, Soni Razdan is a British-born Indian actress and film director of Kashmiri-German lineage.
-Alia is the niece of Indian model Tina Razdan.
-She has also graced the cover of Vogue magazine of Indian edition, with her appearance in September 2012.
-Alia likes to party hard & also listen to music.
-She relies more on her intuition instead of any advice from others.
-She didn’t want her first film to be directed or produced by her father & this has come true.
-Alia was told by her father that the best way to fit in this industry is not to fit in.
-400 girls were auditioned before finally signing Alia Bhatt for 2012 film “Student of the Year”.
-Alia Bhatt’s favourite Mahesh Bhatt film is Zakhm (1998)
-Alia Bhatt’s favourite Actor is Ranbir Kapoor, she says “she absolutely loves him!”
-Alia Bhatt’s favourite Actress is Kareena Kapoor.
-Alia Bhatt’s favourite film of the year 2012 is Kahaani.


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